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looking for staff and a web-designer for tekkit server


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I am looking for for staff for my new server i"m building i am also look for a web - designer for a web site. if u need to contact me directly Skype name is fideman2235

i have a prestarted website go here to check it out http://no.enjin.com/home

post here if u whant to be part of my staff. I need a good architect who can build spawn to.


1.Owner - fideman

2.Co Owner- need

3.Head Admin- danpitch

4.Admin- need

5.Admin- need

6.Mod- need

7.Mod- need

8.Mod- need

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I apply for the position of Web Designer, tho i have to warn you that I can work only on photoshop, I can create you the design, but coding it all on a website isn't something I know yet.

Not to try to belittle the comment, but wouldn't that be part of 'wed designing?"

It would be like me looking for a Contractor for house remodeling, and someone going "I must warn you, All i can use is autocad, So the actual house remodeling I cannot do, but drawing a room for you, I got that covered!"

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I can be admin or mod, and I am a pretty good architect, happy to build spawn. Can we have some details about the server? i.e PvP enabled or disabled? What plugins will be used? Other than that you can PM me if you need more details, I will mainly be playing at GMT +10 afternoon time.

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