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Castle Terrain


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So in my Tekkit world, I found a suitable place, and not long after, decided to begin construction on a 129x129 castle so the inside is 128x128. The only thing is, the area isn't FLAT. I'm completely fine with that, it's just that I'm not sure if I want it like that or not. If I have it flat, it's easier to build, but the terrain is just boring. If I have it all dynamic, then I'd have to do just a bit more work on the walls, but the terrain wouldn't look so boring. It's a somewhat logical debate, at least for me. Any suggestions?

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My suggestion? Don't build a square castle.

Figure out what you want each room for, and plan accordingly. Your machines and stuff should be elsewhere, so it's not a huge problem.

As you build, start moving things across so you can get a feel for the place, and a better idea of what room should come next. (That'll also cut building time)

Dynamic building couldn't be simpler. :D

Just building a huge... thing sucks all the life out of it. It needs purpose in order to be awesome.

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I couldn't agree more with Darth.

I built a large castle, only to find that empty space inside just... empty. I couldn't figure out what to put there.


Start building the rooms first, THEN start the walls.

Start from inside, then out and expand.

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A glass dome roof? Munaus, that's exactly what I did with my castles in 1.8.1 Vanilla.

But yeah, I also planned building a huge factory with a 5x5 chunk x 40 underground under my house, also finding out that it'll be very useless.

Now I'm only going to build a house and factory with marble only in a 2x2 tower above ground. Microblocks are pretty nice for building I gotta say.

A small tip is to make cubes of 8 as each room to see how you can use that space for something, maybe if you need more space or not.

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Seems a bit too extensive, don't you think? I have somewhat a sort of an idea, but I want to see if I can improve it. I already have a wall with towers and a functional gate, then inside will have some nature pockets with walkways leading to various areas, all directed with signs.

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