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Unable to eat or open quest book


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I have had this problem before as well, it is caused by a lot of lag. if you can allocate another gb of Ram or close any other program running on your comp that you don't need.

basically your lagging so much that the program isn't able to accept any changes to blocks or item and puts you effectively into observer mode while your comp tries to catch up

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I have this problem as well, however I can open the book. I definitely have enough RAM allocated. If anything, I have too much allocated. I tried tweaking the hunger overhaul and the spice of life config files. Regardless of the values I change on variables that should affect eating speed, nothing will change in-game. That being said, I can't eat... not apples, not the emergency rations that I ask for. I really like the concept of these mods and don't really want to delete them.

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