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Server hosts?


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Getting a bit fed up with this now. I've been with Clanslots for a couple of months and to be frank, they fucking suck. I'm looking to move elsewhere, where I can enjoy the game peacefully without being randomly booted or having to reset the server every 5 minutes to play. If anyone has any recommendations, please do share them.


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The Enjin one? That's all I can find and all they seem to offer is third party apps.

Well, you have not provided any desired features whatsoever in your post, beyond "doesn't boot me or kill the server every 5 minutes".

Therefore you may potentially receive suggestions that do not match what you want.

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All I want is a simple Tekkit server. I don't mind spending a bit more for some extra features (read: reliability) so I'm taking what I can get. I'm currently spending £6.75 a month for a 9 slot server, so if I can get away with £10 a month for a 10 slot with whatever features are thrown in I'll be glad.

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