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Limit recipes or items?


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I am currently trying to restrict players using OP items such as nano armor and some alchemy items. I don't like modify world because it appears to allow the user to craft the restricted items, just never use them. I would rather just block them from being made altogether.

Sadly all the recipe blockers out there require spout, and spout breaks a lot in tekkit, like pipes. The one recipe manager I have found that no longer requires spout requires a bukkit 1.2 build, which tekkit hasn't upgraded to as of yet.

What plugins do other admins here use to restrict item use/creation?

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I believe Recipe Manager ( http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/recipemanager/ ) does what you've described. It's included as a part of Tekkit so give it a shot. I don't use it just yet but it does allow for adding and blocking recipes (from what I've read).

I want to restrict more than just EE items

Sadly the blocking of recipes function in that plugin does require spout.

I did manage to find this plugin


Unfortunately I cant get this plugin to block industrial craft items that have a charge, IE Nano armor. I have tried blocking the ID shown in-game, and the ID in the config, and I can still craft it in game

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that is exactly what I use now. However it still does not limit the quantum/nano armor. I had to disable crafting carbon plates altogether and substitute carbon plates with obsidian for the crafting of advanced machines

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