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Glowstone recipe

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EE is Equivalent Exchange. it's one of the mods in tekkit, though some people turn it off on their servers because they consider it too close to cheating.

if you or the server you're on doesn't have EE turned off, you can make a quick trip to the nether, grab around 5 or 6 dust, then leave and never come back unless you want to. 4 dust to make a philosopher's stone and 1 to teach glowstone dust to your soon to exist transmutation tablet.

as for making a nether portal, just google it.

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The recipe that combines gold dust and redstone to make glowstone dust is still in. However, it is disabled in the out of the box configuration. You will have to talk to your server admin about turning it on.

If you're the admin, then open IC2.cfg in the Config directory and look for the line about crafting glowstone dust. It will be false. Change it to true.

Alternately, you're doing it wrong and have the gold and redstone backwards, but I'm pretty sure that this is not the case and your server's running with Tekkit's default settings.

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