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Voltz not working, Need help


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Alright, about a week ago I was playing a multiplayer voltz server and then it just crashed (which isn't very unusual), anyway after that I closed it and reopened it and it was just not working? and when I mean not working I got into the minecraft screen and it was really really laggy? I have no clue of how to explain this but it was like major lag in the minecraft (single player, multiplayer) page. if I put my cursor on something it would take a solid 5 seconds to respond and I physically cant play voltz. evenĀ  if I finally got to the servers it wouldn't let me join the game and If I did get in, it would be like -1 billion RAM. its really weird and hard to explain because this has never happened. I will say everything I have done to fix this, if anyone knows what to do please help because I cant play voltz (even though I can play other packs) I have tried so many things I will list them, here we go....Restarted my computer, restarted voltz, played other modpacks (worked), lowered my RAM, Highered my RAM, deleted and redownloaded Voltz, deleted and redownloaded the Techinc launcher, Updated my computer. Its not my profile becuae I have tried on 2 other computers and they both work flawlessly. And finally I did a 100% full factory restart on my computer today and when it was done it STILL wasn't working. If anyone has had this problem (I cant be the only one) and has fixed it, please contact me and give me a solution because I just don't know what to do anymore, (Also please don't say buy another computer for 2 reasons, 1. Everything else on my Computer works flawlessly and its JUST Voltz, plus I don't want to throw down 800+$ for a new computer.

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On 30-1-2016 at 0:39 AM, Blake0509 said:

Loooong snip

You forgot one minor thing, adding your launcher log to your question. Please upload it to an upload service like www.pastebin.com or paste.ubuntu.com.

Also, I wouldn't recommend using the modpack Badcholo told you, as it contains a questionable mod and texturepack. Like Xray and a minimap that allows you to find chests.

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