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[3.1.2] GalaxyTekkit ||Griefing||Factions||Auto-Ranks||Raiding||Give-Aways [Need Staff]


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so when the server deleted 1421 items my alchamest bags where deleted too so i ask the trial-mod drancono and he dosent help and he dosent try and help all he does is mute me and jails me so now i cant get my bags of all my stuff and im jailed? wtf so before that i ask frost and he at least told me to try this the forums so this is my only chance to get my bags back i had a yellow a white a black and a blue so i hope i get back and you guys tell drancono i wasn't lieing

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Ok guys i guess you have been waiting for us to come back up, Well you're in luck. All that needs doing now is uploading the files to our new dedicated, We are now running a 24GB server which our new hosts customly built for us. Our new hosts are being very supportive as they have given us extra Ddoss protection that other dedicated cannot get.

The server should be up by tonight, we have been double checking server permissions, banned items, dupes, that sort of thing. We have even got one of the testers from EE fixing all of the known dupes. so there will be many more un-banned items in the time to come.

Donating: We have a completely new system of donations and soon to come a creative server just for the donators! You will join the normal server with the IP: GalaxyTekkit.com then at spawn there will be a portal leading to the creative world, (Donators will only be whitelisted in the creative world) and using a custom proxy plugin it will allow both servers to connect with each other thus being able to send people from server to server without leaving and adding a new IP.

Ranking system: We are lucky to have a few coders working by our side so there isn't a pain in the ass of having to wait weeks to be able to use those really cool items, For example, on the last server you had to wait weeks to unlock the red morning star, now it's a matter of a day and you unlock one of the most powerful items in the game.

Staff: Ok so you may be wondering where did all our staff go, the truth is they went with sparkerzz_ on his way out, but no worries I gathered some people from the server and people I know in real life and we formed a mini community between us all. There is currently 12 mods, 2 admins and 10 people on the IRC. The IRC plugin that we are using is a little bit buggy as of the IRC channel not supporting minecraft fully but no worries we should get a message back from craftIRC saying how we can improve the minecraft to IRC connection.

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