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  1. it says confused connection:connect, i dont know anything about that or when it says end of stream, can someone tell me if the server is down or a new IP or maybe just my computer? please and thank you :3
  2. i was banned for greifing today, i was wondering if i would be unbanned, my brother gets on my account when im not home and does all that stuff im sorry, i changed my password and everythnig so if it does happen again i understadn if im banned again but for now i just wish if i would be unbanned
  3. not to long maybe 7 min but after i was still muted for 10 min only way i could talk was wit a sign but is there any was i can get my sutff back?
  4. so when the server deleted 1421 items my alchamest bags where deleted too so i ask the trial-mod drancono and he dosent help and he dosent try and help all he does is mute me and jails me so now i cant get my bags of all my stuff and im jailed? wtf so before that i ask frost and he at least told me to try this the forums so this is my only chance to get my bags back i had a yellow a white a black and a blue so i hope i get back and you guys tell drancono i wasn't lieing
  5. i try to get on but since the update on mods it wont let me on so how would i update the mods? cuz everytime i try to log on and it says "would you like to update tekkit or sproutcraft" i say yes but it dosnt do anythnig
  6. whoa! only been playin for less then a month and i already got a quarry man the custom biomes help so much