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[3.1.2] GalaxyTekkit ||Griefing||Factions||Auto-Ranks||Raiding||Give-Aways [Need Staff]


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You need to update to the dev build. It's the title of this post. [3.1.3]

It's not, actually. If you'd like it changed, we can change it.

Also, stop bump spamming. Encouraging your users to post and posting yourself 2 or 3 times in one day, or even once a day, are two very different things.

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You are doing unecessary posts that you could edit into another post, and you have previously bumped, this can cause infractions, and eventually lead to being Kellered

Oops. I'll cut that out. Its just i cant edit the post because it's an image. so every minor update would lead to atleast 3 hours work... So once a month we are going to put all the updates on..

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