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LP - What do you use to record sound?


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The best program to use for recording your own voice is Audacity. It has a lot of tools for recording and editing sound. Also, you can choose which track gets recorded from what device. Makes life easy if you have more then one mic, or want to record from a mic and your speakers all at once.

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You can use fraps to accomplish what you're looking for. It wont record your voice on vent chat but you can set it to record your input device:


The Record Win7 Sound will take care of vent and all system/game sounds

And setting the Record external input will take care of your voice.

Hope that helps!

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You can also set up Windows to play everything you say out through your speakers, allowing FRAPS to pick it up. That's what I do (never realized you could check both of those tickboxes...), and it actually helps a lot with recording since you can then tell if you're breathing into your mic, if the mic is on, etc...

You set it up by right-clicking on the volume control icon in the taskbar (extreme lower-right, next to the clock) and selecting "recording devices", going into the properties for your chosen recording device, selecting the "listen" tab, and checking the "listen to this device" tickbox.

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