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The hell happened to Factions' "/f owner" command?


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In Factions 1.6.x there was an /f owner command that allowed per-chunk permissions. In Factions 1.7.x, the only version that is compatible with Tekkit, this command is gone. Me and some other players on my server would REALLY benefit from this feature. I personally can't add anyone to my faction anymore because of this. There's nothing stopping a simple newcomer from destroying everything the moment everyone else logs off.

So, what dafuq happened to this useful command? Thanks!


Never mind. I found the cause. Look at the changelog for 1.7.6:

Added default permissions for all members of SafeZone/WarZone factions to use territory access commands (/f access); this way, players trusted enough to be added to either system faction will be able to grant access to their claims as desired

1.7.6 is for 1.3.2 and gives error on startup with Tekkit. Can any of you coding geniuses make a backport of 1.7.6/1.7.7 that'll work on MC1.2.5? It bitches about the async chat event so I'm guessing it won't be too complicated. But then I don't know squat about Java or plugins... :I

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The command is /f leader :s

lolno. Read the entire post next time, broski. /f leader transfers faction leadership to another player. /f owner (called /f access in 1.7.6) specifies who can build in the chunk you're standing on. Two totally different commands.

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