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[3.1.2]KoolSource[PVE][350 Slots][iConomy][Factions][NoLagg][Teamspeak] [Dedicated]No Banned Blocks


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Minecraft Username: gingercon568


Timezone/Country:great britan

What you plan to do on tekkit: equivalent exchange some railcraft i know the basics for almost all the mods

i am registered at koolsource.com

All set.

Minecraft Username:Sfenaroli


Timezone/Country:Usa central

What you plan to do on tekkit:

Magic, tekkit, Rails and play with my peps!

Minecraft Username: JuanVino

Age: 13

Timezone/Country: UCT -3:00

What you plan to do on tekkit: I am most into RedPower, Automation, IC2, and I am planning to build a factory

Accepted; Register on KoolSource.com so I can whitelist you.

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IGN: Jessetop12

Age: 14

Timezone: Amsterdam. Country: the Netherlands

What I plan to do with Tekkit: I'm just looking for a server to play tekkit on where the people are nice and I won't get griefed, I'm always nice to people but there was always one person who was ruining my good time and I hope that won't happen here.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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