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Filters - drawing along pipes


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Hi all

I have a row of 6 deployers, sideways mounted and they are basically planting seeds and then applying bonemeal on a sequence. A block breaker then harvests the crops.

I mounted a filter behind each deployer, with one seed and one bonemeal in it.

The idea being that on every pulse, the deployer would be restocked with the item it just deployed.

However, I was under the impression that filters could draw the supplies along pneumatic pipes from a remote chest into the filters (but they don't). Do they only draw from directly adjacent chests?

This is an issue because then I have the same problem ensuring the chests stay equally stocked.

I want to ensure I only place one seed and one bonemeal in each deployer every activation.... any ideas?

If I just pump supplies to the deployers using pipes and a redstone engine, the just go all over the place.

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Doesn't work anyway for some reason. I have 1 seed and 1 bonemeal in the filter, tagged with a colour to match the destination pipe, mounted against the side of a chest full of bonemeal and seeds. It only ever pulls out the bonemeal - never the seeds.

I was under the impression that it would pull out whatever was set in the filter.

Spent too long on it now... its time to walk away for a bit

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There's 2 ways that I can see this being done.

1. Have a separate deployer for seeds and bone meal, not coming from the same one.

2. Keep the current setup with seeds and bone meal going into the same deployer. The problem with this one is making it do a seed, then bone meal each time. You would have to set it up so that a filter pulls a seed from a chest and places it in a deployer. Deployer uses the seed. The a separate filter ticks and pulls out a bone meal and sends it to deployer which then uses it. Then you have to start the chain over again with the seed filter ticking.

Option 1 would be by far the simplest way to do it.

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Mmm... doesn't matter how I do this, I end up with the same issue....

Ensuring the supply chests are equally filled. There are now 8 individual chests that feed 8 individual filters and depolyers, 4 seeds and 4 bonemeal.

The harvesting works great, loads of wheat produced and returned by block breaker to a central chest.

BUT... that chest also fills with the seeds I need distributed between the original 4 seed supply chests.

Tekkit just randomly bungs them into any of the 4 chests connected to a pipe. One fills up nearly full.... the others never gets any.

Perhaps I will have to have a double supply chest and try to wedge 4x individual supply pipes and redstone engines around it? One to each chest

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OK - the wheat production system works. A lot more complicated than planned... but hey.

The produced wheat is sent to a large chest, and the seeds that are also produced are piped back into the system for sowing. Various filters ensure a constant equal supply of seeds and bonemeal.

However.... Bonemeal? Damn expensive stuff at 48 Emc. I was hoping to make the system fully self supporting, but with the bonemeal costing twice the Emc of the resulting wheat, I am stumped.

I thought of having skeleton spawners in dedicated room, with block breakers or something to kill them and obsidian pipes to pick up the bones, but spawners don't work in Tekkit (why not?). They all just produce pigs.

Any ideas with regards to bones or bonemeal production?

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Ok.. May have sussed it out.

I have a condenser with a bone in it. Bone = 144 emc

The contents are pumped out to a macerator that is heavily overclocked. That produces 5 bonemeal for every bone at 48 emc.

That is piped back into the condenser to make more bone.

The result is an ever increasing amount of bonemeal being produced, which I they siphon off for my growing uses

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