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Noob to Tekkit SMP query.


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Hi. I have only just brought Minecraft but am really interested in playing this Multiplayer. However, I do have an issue. I have downloaded the latest Tekkit (3.1).. That works great, no problems. I do love that everything is built in for you, the high texture upgrade mod too. Now I have found some servers that I wish to join but when I try to join them I get a list of mods that need to be installed. Tekkit has these mods already installed so what is going on? then I came to the thought that maybe servers are running a lower version of these mods and even though the version of Tekkit that I am running is a higher version with possibly higher version of these mods it will not have it. So the question is. When you join a server, does it have to be the exact version of everything, server, mods etc????

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Basically, the launcher, which you download from the site, can download the mods automatically. This means that when Tekkit updates, your Tekkit will update itself as soon as you start it up. If you haven't changed anything, your Tekkit should be on the Reccomended build of Tekkit. However, there is another version of Tekkit which isn't Reccomended yet. You can switch to this build in the options, look for the Dev build. Don't worry, it's extremely stable for a Development build, so you shouldn't run into any problems.

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