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[3.1.2]Bacon District [FactionPvP] [36 slots] [no banned items]


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Bacon District

Server IP

Ok, so we discovered a pretty shocking problem RIGHT now, we accidently typed in the wrong ip adress!! it's now fixed and the server is right now open to the public!


Hello fellow Tekkit players! we are happy to announce yet another Tekkit classic server by the name of Bacon District!

We're very thrilled to release this server and we hope to grow a big amount the coming weeks with give aways including ranks and in-game benefits! 

We have very interesting ideas for the server that will make us stand out from the rest of the servers that are available because we feel that we got the motivation to make this succed!

In order to keep this server lag free and healthy we are using nolagg, but this might not always be enough and we decided to majke a world reset every 2nd month and we will give you the opportunity to bring your most valuable items with you till after the reset but ONLY if you're a donator. If you were to be a high valued donator we will consider saving your entire house if this is something that you wish. (anything for the player!)

We will be setting up votifier in a couple of days from now because I'm not really focusing on getting the server out to people just yet, I want to give it an alpha stage of developement and get interesting ideas from you guys and if votifier seems like an amazing idea that you would like sooner then ofcourse this is something that I will do!

We currently got a temporary spawn where you will learn a little about the server and then you can wander off to start your adventure! Our first reset will be at the 30th of april 2016.

Spawn pictures will be coming up in a couple of days because as said we're working on it at the moment.

We're using an auto rank system which seems to be awfully common on tekkit servers but we seemed that this was something that we should also implement on our server, you'll get unlocks by every rank that goes and we've time adjusted every item so that you can use it at the time that you're supposed to be using (play legit buddy) it. for an example we've locked the mk3 for a later rank because we don't want anyone to get late end gear at the start of their journey.

Our donator ranks will be coming up shortly because I'm still figuring on what they will contain but also the cost of these donator ranks because I want everyone to be able to afford them if this is something that they highly want to do, ofcourse all of the money being spent by you will go towards the improvement of either the server or the website, what ever we feel fit.

If you feel that you only want to support the server itself for its community or any sort of positive thought then we got a paypal donation module that you can use!


We will happily be waiting for you and your friends joining our server! we will do everything in our power to make you feel good and safe on our server.

Regards Bacon District.
















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