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[1.6.4][24/7]Simulcraft Modpack Official Server![PvE/PvP][80 slots][Open][8GB Ram]

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Simulcraft Modpack official server!

Simulcraft is a modpack aimed at providing the best possible user experience with a heavy lean on balance between tech and magic mods, some of the notable mods we have installed are: Galacticraft, Mekanism, Archimedes Ships, ReactorCraft, RotaryCraft, Decocraft2 and many more.

Currently we have no banned items and are looking for staff, but please do not come onto the server and start off with "hey i want to be an admin, can i please be an admin?!"

We also have a lot of plugins and mods aimed at server security, logging, and backups/rollbacks.

Imagine spending 80 hours on your creation/base and someone comes along and griefs it, makes you feel pretty bad, my goal is to eliminate that altogether, it is my personal goal to protect every member on the server and give you the best security possible.


Here's the Discord link!



Modpack Link



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