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[3.1.2] Grace [FFA PvP][24 Slots][ComputerCraft Disabled][Most of EE Disabled]


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It really is a huge shame that Computercraft was disabled... that's one of the most powerful and useful mods in the entire mod pack, if you know how to use it responsibly...

I can see how it could cause problems with server crashing, but then again, we have mining lasers.

Is there any way you would reconsider the ban on this mod?

Perhaps put it on a sort of greylist, so that only the responsible players that have been on the server for a few weeks or more can ask for access to it?

If extreme measures were truly necessary, we could have a small competency test in which each individual seeking to be approved for the mod must write an intermediate-level program to accomplish a certain task provided in order to prove they know how to use computers in CC.

It would really be awesome if we could have this mod to use in the future... I was just planning to set up a central control room for my base/complex... It would greatly help controlling 10+ large rooms full of different machines.


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Server down - 1:25PM CST

So, not even some sort of a trusted list for that mod?


malicious players could easily crash the server with even the most basic components of CC.

Keep in mind, I can crash it with a single redpower RS latch, anyways... Tekkit servers simply aren't stable in nature, and there's not much one can do to 'sterilize' them without making them vanilla MC.

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Hey saxona the server has been down for the past 24 hours which is all well and good i understand that downtime is unavoidable. The thing is i logged on just 5 mins ago to find all but my white alchemy bag has been emptied, i cant exactly remember everything i lost but most notably is a full forcefield setup (core, projector, injector and a camo upgrade, im unsure about the camo part though) and a handful of HV solar arrays. Is there anyway they could have been backed up or such? or is my stuff pretty much out the window? its not too much of a drama they were given to me by a player called paparans. It would be nice if they could be replaced. :)

lovin' the server! keep up the great work!

maybe throw out some more advertisement, a few more regular players would be nice. ;)

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This is the best server I have been on, it's simple and no silly EE or silly armor.

However theres some odd stuff going on with things going missing, my base was on the bedrock in a 3000 by 3000 block sea far away from spawn yet someone found it (even with all the down time), Spawn killing has driven away all the new players I see coming on the server, which is a shame as we could use some new blood.

I don't have any ideas on how to make it better, just wanted to point this out.

Again, great server, don't want this one to fade away. Cheers.

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