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Need help with frame elevator!

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Hello guys,

I am currently working on a standard Tekkit building, where everything is automated.

At the moment I'm trying to make a frame elevator.

Now, this isn't hard at all, but my problem is:

i've got 6 floors, but they're not the same height.

My 4th and 5th floor are 5 blocks (with ceiling) and the rest of the floors is 4 blocks.

Can anyone help me with the redstone?

I don't mind if you use redstone or computercraft.

Thx in advance

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I would use computer craft with some kind of detection point.

This might be really inefficient but i would.

- Put a block with a redstone torch underneath the elevator then at each elevator exit have a but of redstone that sends a signal back to the computer

- Send the elevator Up or Down depending on which floor its going

- then have it stop going up or down when the signal is received that it is at the correct destination

pseudo code something like:

while (Detector Redstone is not powered)


end while

Then when the detector is hit it should stop sending the elevator up or down.. make sense?

As said I am not sure on the efficiency but i have a elevator working like this but only for two floors. The detection points allow for open and closing doors and note blocks as well :)

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Wow, I have a 6 floor elevator that is configurable where you just enter in the height of each floor, and it works. Let me get the topic I made here, one sec (I'll edit it in).

It uses computercraft, works with floor up/down buttons and call elevator buttons, it also needs a floor sensor to tell it which floor it is on. Everything is explained here:

EDIT: Right here

p.s., just read the whole thing, but use the latest source code (in my 2nd to last post)


Just had a few ideas to majorly simplify this (and possibly make the code a tad faster)

To make sure it would work for your design, could you post a few screens and describe the elevator and its inputs? (buttons) I will get the new code to you ASAP.

The idea is to make the up elevator button hooked to just one color wire, and the down elevator button hooked to just one color wire, instead of 5 colors for up and 5 for down.

The reason I had it like that to begin with is I attempted doing it without a floor sensor, which was basically impossible (Various things would easily mess it up without a sensor)

I also have another more complicated idea which makes it even more reliable.

EDIT 3: This will definitely work, and it makes it so much simpler. Also, you only need one bundled cable instead of 3! Since there are 16 colors of wire, It will take 2 for up/down buttons, 6 for the call elevator buttons, 6 for the floor sensors, and 2 for the wires that power the motors. 2+6+6+2=16, so it fits in one bundled cable! I am reprogramming it now.

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UPDATE: I rewired everything and simplified everything, every input fits into one bundled cable now, for up to 8 floors. Max of 16 floors with the design also (unless you remove the call elevator buttons, and 9+ floors takes more than one bundled cable). It will only take me a minute to reprogram it when I have time.

Can you explain how your elevator is setup though? For example:

Do you have just an up button and a down button? Are they inside or outside the elevator?

Do you have call elevator buttons?

Is your elevator moved up and down by means of an inchworm motor, or a big shaft/pole thing?

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it's just a big shaft, and yes, i do only have and up and a down button,

they are placed in the "door" for the elevator, so you can use them from inside the elevator AND outside.

If i want to call the elevator, I just check if it is above me or below me and then i keep pushing buttons untill it's there :p

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Hello all, i am making an elevator and have read this forum post, i would much apreciat if someone coul tell me the comands and how to enter them into computer craft? all i need is the comands to make the elevator go up untill it hits some redstone wire, i have a redstone torch hanging of the side and i want the leveator to stop each time it hits a redtone wire, i have a computer inside the elevator and 1 that is also linked up to the frames, can somone please help me with the coding?

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