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How the hell do ccSensors work?


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function pt(t) -- print table

  for k,v in pairs(t) do print(tostring(k).." = "..tostring(v)) end



sensors.setSensorRange("right", "Sensor", "16") -- short range so only I am detected


tTable = sensors.getAvailableTargetsforProbe("right", "Sensor", "LivingEntities")

pt(tTable) -- prints a living entity (me) and my coordinates


ent = tostring(tTable[1]) -- my name & coords are displayed, as expected


tTable = sensors.getSensorReadingAsDict("right", "Sensor", ent, "LivingEntities")


It didn't work so I grabbed the ccSensors/console program, copied it to my computer, found the call to getSensorReadingAsDict() and made it display exactly what parameters were being passed to the function and then crash the program. Turns out the official ccSensors program is passing THE EXACT SAME PARAMETERS as my program passes to the same function, yet mine doesn't work. This is bizarre. I dun get. Has someone successfully coded for the ccSensors API? There's barely any information for it out there.

(I want to hook up a player name detector to my base so it can execute item evac and self destruct in the case someone ever finds it.)

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