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Help modpack is vanilla


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  • Requests for assistance regarding custom modpacks belong in Platform Pagoda. If you stand on one foot and pray to the forum gods, maybe a moderator will move this thread.
  • Always provide the API URL or a link to the platform pack page.
  • Dropbox public URLs should be altered in the following manner: Change "www" to "dl". Change "dropbox" to "dropboxusercontent". Remove any trailing "?dl=0" or "?dl=1".
  • Your modpack.jar is a ZIP format archive containing the file "modpack.jar". <insert Inception joke> The modpack.jar file should be the Forge universal binary JAR file renamed to "modpack.jar". Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Your Damage Indicators mod is not from a legitimate source. Always obtain your mods directly from the mod authors' preferred locations.
  • Your collection of config files is incomplete. If you are using the BareBonesPack to build and test your modpack you should be including the /config/ folder with all of its contents.
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I am sorry i put it here but i was a bit confused at the forum pages. and i dont really now what the config folders are for. and i am sorry for the link. should i be deleting the config files i dont really know if you need them?

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