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Any way to rapidly discharge lapotron crystals?

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I need to know if there's any way to rapidly discharge lapotron crystals or otherwise power machines with them at far faster than normal rate, for a potentially extremely powerful new concept which I will not discuss here. At 1 million EU and 600 EU/t discharge in a MFSU/Charging Bench Mk3, a lapotron crystal discharges in 83.33 seconds, which is far too slow for my needs. Ideally, I would want one to discharge 1 million EU in 0.4s, which is 125,000 EU/t, though any method faster than 600 EU/t discharge would be much appreciated, along with any EU storage block that can output at higher than 512 EU/t. Am already aware of overclocked energy loader/unloader's ability to charge/discharge from a MFSU cart at massive speeds of over 28,000 EU/t, but unfortunately, that isn't for lapotron crystals, though it might have potential to somehow work with them. Obviously, solutions to this question (if any even exist) would be super obscure and unconventional, but if anyone knows, please tell. Thanks.

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