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What do you enjoy in a server? A small survey for you to answer


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Hello ladies and gents. I own a small-ish MC and a very small Tekkit server and I want to make the experience of my users more enjoyable. I've been planing to add a Multiverse for some time now and I'd like to get more opinions on...well, everything. Thus I've come up with a survey to broaden my views.

For Tekkit - http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KJMZYGG

For Minecraft - http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KCTTCGS

It's not very long, only 8 questions, if you could take the time to answer it, I'd be most grateful.

I will post the results as soon as I get a decent number of people to answer.

Thank you.

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Done the survey. I'll post some of my answers here for the forum.

1) I usually don't mind lag spikes, but constant lag is a big no-no.

2) I only play on 24/7 servers. If I can't log in once, that's fine, I know Tekkit isn't perfect, but after two or three times of not being able to play on a server where I have all my stuff in, I switch servers.

3) Abusive staff is a deal breaker. If admins are allowed to play, then it should be made abundantly clear what kind of powers they have. If can spawn items and teleport at will then they should not be able to interact with other players at all. Things like an admin giving a diamond to a noob out of the kindness of his heart should not be seen on these servers, ever. Also, there has to be a clear set of rules, moderators to enforce those rules, and admins to keep the moderators in line. Preferably, any admin intervention/spionage should be silent (vanish plugin).

EE has no place in a survival server. You should disable or cripple UU matter as well. Either that or extend your recycler blacklist to prevent mass scrap production using cobble factories.

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