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Giant entity lag spikes

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I have a cobblestone generator that uses many block breakers and pnuematic tubes that bring them to a lot of chests that then get pumped into cobblestone pipes into an array of automatic crafting tables that make slabs then they are all cobblepiped to a condenser in my house.

The problem is that once I turn it on with a timer set at 1.5 seconds to break the cobble, after about 5 minutes I can't enter the area without lagging to death at 0 FPS. When I go to my house that is far enough away that the chunk is loaded but not rendered, I get about 100 FPS that every 10 seconds lags to 0 FPS for a few seconds. I checked F3 and it says the entity count slowly raises to 3000 during the lag spikes but then just drops back down to an average of 800 and I can play.

PLEASE help me because I don't know what is causing the lag.

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Because the pipes are transparent, it's counting the cobblestone blocks in the pipes as entities.

That's what I thought, but when tested on different worlds in creative mode, i made a massive array of cobble pipes that went in an infinite circle and filed it with cobble and the entity tracker didn't go up at all. it only goes up for mobs and dropped entities.

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