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Just starting a server and I have questions...


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Hi this is my first post sorry if I don't make much sense but I have a few questions if someone would be kind enough to help out. It has to do with configuring my Tekkit server for a few things, if someone could point me in the right direction I would be more then happy to ask there but this seemed like a good place to start.

Right now I have a tekkit server that is running on an I5, 4GB Memory, Ubuntu Linux 12.10, with an internet connection that has a 5Mb upstream and a 50Mb down.

I only have 2 people on the server currently myself and a buddy, and everything is fun, however I have decided I would like to put on some limitations.

1. The world size, I decided to use my flying ring and fly south, I did this for about 5 minutes or so, and the server started having issues with what it was loading. I kept getting the error, "Server can not keep up"...etc. Is there a way to set how big the world is around my spawn? Example I want a 10000x10000 size world?

2. I have the mod/plugin "Worldguard" installed, I installed this later on after the server had being up and running for a few days. I noticed that my World Anchors stopped working? They would no longer keep chunks loaded after I logged off. I think this has something to do with the "Tekkit.yml" file in /plugins/worldguard. There is a line there that says the following:

items_to_block: [61, 62, 23, 54, 164, 130, 178, 204, 128, 227, 150, 123, 126, 127, 150, 128, 169, 188, 227, 233, 246, 250, 7263]

I have no idea what these item numbers are I can't find a correlation or a listing of all the item numbers in Tekkit other then on the wiki but these numbers don't seem to match anything I see there. I looked up the "World Anchor" on the wiki and it has

Data Value dec:214

Now I can't find this anywhere in items to block and I can't figure out what the items to block numbers are, could someone send me a link for a list of these items and the corresponding numbers please?

Anyway thanks for reading this LONG message, hope someone can help.

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Problem 1 is, or at least should be, unrelated to world size. Minecraft worlds are so big that you can travel for half a day with a flying ring without ever getting near the edges where things start going glitchy. The "can't keep up" message usually appears when the CPU is maxed out. Maybe you had a virus scanner cycle going off at that moment?

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Here is a link to data values of blocks (although it does not include Tekkit blocks, it will help you identify most blocks) http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Data_values

If someone has a link to one that includes Tekkit blocks, I'd love that link as well.

If you're OP though, even if something is blocked in Worldguard you can still use them. I don't see why that would affect whether or not the world anchors work. For example, TNT has the data value of 20. Even if you block it on Worldguard, as OP you can still place it, and ignite it. Can you elaborate on why you think they aren't working? (What are you trying to keep loaded, and what isn't working).

The "can't keep up" messages are lag spikes. These are going to happen sometimes no matter how much RAM you dedicate, although I would recommend not hosting from the computer you're playing on. If it's within your budget, using a 3rd party hosting company is worth the expense. Also, a world anchor keeps 9 chunks loaded at a time, use too many of them and you are going to have loads of lag. When you are loading unexplored areas of a world (expanding the world) you will experience lag spikes even with WorldBorder, but once it's been loaded the lag should decrease dramatically.

I hope this helps, good luck! :)

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Thanks for the info on both topics. As for the definition of the world size I think it would be prudent for a small server like this to have some limitations on distance, but maybe I will just let it run like this and see what happens.

As for why I think "World Anchors" are not working, well before I installed World Guard I had run 3 quarrys, and had a world anchor between them but that didn't seem to cover the full quarry, I would log off then back on hours later and the Quary had being working but it only mined down about 20 levels but each quarry only had done this in about a 20x20 block area the rest of the 64x64 block area I had designated for the quarry was still 20 levels above where the arm was in the bottom of the quarry. After I moved to view the quarrys the arm blipped up and started mining the uneven blocks. This is when I learned that World Anchors covered a 3x3 chunks or 48x48 block area. So to finish off those quarrys quickly I planted World Anchors over the quarrys in a fassion where 4 would cover each quarry. THis worked I logged off when I logged on a day later the quarrys were practically even then, and after a another day they had completed to bedrock. I picked up all the Anchors and decided that 4 anchors to cover each quarry was overkill. So my next 3 quarrys I setup were only 30x30 each with an anchor directly over the middle of them. I also had one covering my power generation station and the power cables connected were covered by the over lap of one anchor. Also the teleport pipe I had them feeding into went into a chest in my house that was covered by the same world anchor as the power generator. Everything is running fine, then I log off and no one is on the server for a few hours and I log back on to check my quarrys and they have not gone down any levels. Before I log off i check the depth lets say 48 above bedrock, well after I log back on I check again and it is still at 48. So any ideas here there are only 5 World anchors present in the world the 5th one is at my other transporter power generator on the main land. Even after being logged off for a few hours my MFSU's should be fully charged after a transport or two, but they look like I just transported.

Anyway, as for my server giving the lag spikes, When I had this server on my windows 7 machine with 4GB of ram and I5, it was really bad. I could only designate 1GB to the server. SO I changed to Linux and I have 3GB dedicated to the server and it never seems to get over 1.6GB. I have noticed issues when a lot of lights are blinking to fast I get the message. A friend built a battle dome and put flashing lights in it, and you can see the server doesn't like that...all processors are around 20-25% except 1 processor spikes to 100% for about 10 sec at a time.

Well if anyone has any more info on those world guard Tekkit item id blocks I would really like to know.


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