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Unusual Port Issue


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Hi there guys, I am having a small issue that is preventing my Tekkit server to port.

Key things to think about before you start giving the obvious suggestions

  • Only effects this server
  • Occurs on all port numbers
  • There is no identical server playing
  • This began while the server was already up and people could not reconnect after they logged off. Restarting the server produced an error message.


Cannot assign requested address: JVM_Bind

Any help that our lovely community can give?


Seems that deleting the server.properties fixed the issue. Keeping this open may help others in future situations.

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Like Wendo said, you get that error when you have an IP address in server.properties that is not on one of the computer's interfaces.

The computer that you are running the Tekkit server on is probably getting its IP address via DHCP, which means that it can change sometimes.

You should give the computer a static address and your port-forwarding settings probably need to be updated now too.

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