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[1.7.10] [lord of the rings][Brand new] Filthy little hobbitses modpack server

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Hey! We're a new lord of the rings modded server with tons of awesome things to do, and adventures to go on! You can download the modpack here: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/filthy-little-hobbitses.850361 and you will lay eyes on a beautiful custom title screen, from which you just have to hit "Join the battle" and you will enter our server! We have 30 slots, but we will upgrade/downgrade according to player base. We've operated multiple modpacks in the past, Destruction and Despair being our main one, and we'd like to expand the modded minecraft community and show people what we have to offer! Because we know you will love it, maybe, hopefully, well, youre supposed to! Come check us out!

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