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[1.7.10] Frustration [Slow Progression]


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Looking for folks to beta test FRUSTRATION. Contact me if you want to test on a server with a few others. Only 5 slots!


If you thought you were going to get off easy this time, think again. In a world where exploration is key, technology is gated, power is hard to come by, and magic is dangerous, you'll understand why the pack name is...


Miss the old ways of minecraft? LegacyCraft takes some of the vanilla components of minecraft 1.7.10 and takes it back a few versions to a more nostalgic time.

Recipe integration requires users to explore mods they may have never touched before, as well as slows down the normal progression, making that first trip to the nether a much more rewarding experience.

Learn all about REAL science, from electricity to rotational power! Mods centered around Rotarycraft, Electrical Age, and Chromaticraft!

Get all your progress blown away by a gentle F5 tornado! Don't worry, it'll be over soon, honey. 


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Recently updated the pack to 0.5.5!

Exciting news! Many bug fixes, addition and removal of many mods, (including some that I've made myself!) and TONS of script changes. Come play on our server and give your ideas and test your sneaky ways to bypass progression!

Check the change logs for a detailed list of all the changes!

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