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Simple Biome Name Overlay

herby canopy

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Aloha I was wandering if there was a way to get a place one they screen that will tell you the name of the Biome that you are in at that time? I would not think that it would be to hard since I would imagine that the game stores a list like that anyway. I have seen minimaps that will give you a color readout of the biomes. Keeping that in mind you would just need to...

1) find the cords of the player

2) find out what color of biome that is

3) have an array of colors:names

4) make insertion point

5) print name

One thing to keep in mind of is if you can make it so the user can still use mods that add more boimes.

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Lol...see I knew it had to be a simple mod. No really though, thank but is there anyway to turn of that graphing it does when you hold f3 because after I hold the button for about 3 seconds the graph covers all the text. I think that the programmer needs to reverse the order of the two layers so that the graph forms behind the text. Any ideas how to stop that?

Though programmers it would be nice to just have a basic hud.

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