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Groupmanager, Towny, and Quarry/BlockBreacker Issue....

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I have been reading all the forum posts about not getting quarry's, mining drill's, block breakers or any forestry machines that require breaking block working inside towny.

almost every solution I have found is talking about pex as the permissions tool and those fixes don't seem to work for Groupmanager.

has anyone else got groupmanager, towny and those machines that place and break blocks working. if so can you let me know what I need to do to get it working.

I have a temporary testing server cloned from our main server so I can test anything to see if it fixes the issues.

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I have added [Redpower], [buildcraft] and [industiralcraft] to groupmanager and it then fails because of the []. if I take it out it doesn't fail but doesn't allow the blocks to place or break.

I also tried _Redpower_ etc as some other permissions things use the _ instead. I think only pex uses the []. I am so lost

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I strongly advice against using GroupManager.

Use PEX instead! It's working, it's easy, it's fast, it has ingame commands.

What else do you need?

Try it!


PEX is prob the most powerfull permissionplugin (and hey wait, with modifyworld, u can almost 100% controll Tekkit aswell).

I do want to add to maniacs reply, it might seem easy to use, but sometimes, u also need to be able to change pex from the FTP (depending on the urgency or matter). But in MOST cases, PEX works like a charm with Tekkit, as long as u cuddle it correctly

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