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The Prison of Rejection

From a lowly F-Blocker to a mighty shogun

Prison server?

Yes, the PoR (Prison of Rejection) is the VERY first offical tekkit prison server (check the post date on

this post). A prison server is a prison (duh...) where you start out in the lowest block (in this case F-Block) and start to collect and sell resouces, usually the lower the block the harder, more tedious, and more dangerous it will be. Once you collect enough money you can use (/rankup) to advance to the next block (Chain: F, E, D, C, B, A, S, Elite, Fugitive, Free+++) Which will make it easier to make in-game cash and advance to the next block, until you are free from the prison!

prisonofrejection.no-ip.org - 24/7






Guess what!

Today I'm recording a new intro video for the server, recording sessions will be dotted over this week.

People who are present during recording get:

- Up to $50,000

- Rank C or above

- Enchanted goods

- Cells

- To be in the video (obviously)

You used to be a mighty daimyo, as royal as can be. The royal title of shogun was in your grasp.....

But then, a group of historians researched your history, and then it was known that you had no royal blood and were responsible for thousands of griefing, spamming, and other attacks. You had gone to killion, no problem, Trapped? easy, MCP? cake. when you went to this prison you noticed something different, you were in F, there was no tree farm, no stone, and no iron (and possibly no quantum armor ). ...And a LOT of people higher up wanting you dead......


Disabled items:

- Red Matter tools

- Transmutation table

- Black hole band

- Mining laser


- Nova catalyst

- Destruction catalyst

- Various others


A glimpse of the PoR



Major Pugins:

- Groupmanager

- Paidranks

- WorldEdit

- WorldGuard

- Towny (Coming soon)

- Factions (currently a bit buggy with this tekkit version)

- Disablecraft

- ChestShop

- Virtual chests

- Vault

- DrugMeUp

- Lockette




You get sent here if you break the rules 5 times, and costs $10,000 to get out.

F-Block PvP=High $0

This block is terrible, spend no time here. It has a dirt mine and a seed farm.


- Gravel mine

- Seed farm

E-Block PvP=High $12,500

You're climbing up, and have a few more ways to make money.


- Improved Gravel Mine

- Fishing Ground

- Tree Farm

- Cobble mine

D-Block Pvp=Medium $35,000

This block is better than the last two, and now you have better access to tools.


- Seed farm

- Tree farm

- Stone mine

C-Block Pvp=Medum $75,000

An upgrade to you're tools, better prices, and a few more ways to make money.


- Stone Mine

- Tree farm

- Furnace mine

B-Block Pvp=Low $155,000

You're starting to get noticed, and bigger threats wait around the corner....


- Stone mine

- Wooden plank mine

- Dirt mine

- Sandstone mine

- Sponge mine

- Stone brick mine

- Brick mine

A-Block Pvp=Low $250,000

You're going through the ranks fast, but you are no secret now...


- Endstone mine

- Neatherakk mine

- Nether brick mine

- Stone mine

- Log mine

S-Block Pvp=Minimal $500,000

This block is a MONEY MAKER with so many ways to make money, there are always options.


- Stone mine

- Mushroom mine(brown)

- Jungle tree farm

- Pumpkin mine

- Circle stone brick mine

- Coal ore mine

- Iron ore mine

- Lapis mine

- Gold mine

- Diamond mine

Elite-Block Pvp=Disallowed $1,000,000

The wardens are spying on you, everyone is waiting to kill you, this block brings you opportunities, and enemies....


- TNT mine

- Diamond block mine

- Gold block mine

- Lapis block mine

- Iron block mine

- Locked chest mine

Fugitive $4,000,000

You're free, but guards outside the prison will attack you, BEWARE. Find a job at the city to get citizenship


- None

Citizen (Leader:Free) $100,000

You're a citizen, do what you want, visit the prison, ENJOY IT!!


- Doesn't get attacked outside the prison

Banker $10,000,000

For the expense, you get the ability to make virtual chest stations (chest keepers) and the ability to buy plots for your shops.


- Can create chestshops

- Can buy special 'shop plots'

Banker Tree

Receptionist $1,000,000


- Gets access to the first floor of the 'banking cooperation'

Financial Advisor $5,000,000


- Gets access to the second floor

Banking BAWS $20,000,000


-There can only be one Banking BAWS

- Access to the third floor

Landlord $25,000,000

You have influence and are allowed to make a town (for $5,000,000)


- Can make a town for 5 million

Governor $50,000,000

You have a position in the government! you can create towns for free and can temp jail people in the prison (WARNING: Doing this for no reason can get you sent back down to banker)


- Create towns for free

- Can do a 2min temp jail

State Governor $75,000,000

You have more influence and are still allowed to make towns for free. Your temp jails can be up to 10 minutes now and can access the Government shop (REALLY low prices)


- 10min temp jail

- Gov shop

Diamyō $100,000,000

You are really high up, you must show true devotion to the server to get here. You can create a nation and as many towns as you wish, however your advisers INSIST that you don't return into the prison.


- Nation creation

- Not allowed in prison

Shōgun [Requirement: defeating a nation and $150,000,000]

There can only be one Shōgun and that is you. you command other nations threatening there disbandment. Warning: if another nation defeats yours in battle you go back to a lowly Landlord


- More soon!


logtop.pngStaff Applicationslogtop.png

According to forum rules of the 'open' section I can't have applications ANYWHERE, so apply on this thread



~~~Prison rules~~~

Drugs are not contraband items but ARE NOT allowed being caught for having drugs/contraband items are SEPARATE rules and should be referred to as such.

A guard may NOT jail unless he kills you or you are running of to a non-PvP zone, if you see a breach, post on this thread.

- No contraband items (EVEN IS CELLS) - Up to 20 min jail time

- No attacking other players - Up to 20min jail time

- No attacking guards - Up to 30min jail time

- No drugs - Up to 30min jail times

- No 'Combat Logging' - Up to 1 HOUR of jail time

- No running from Non-PvP into Pvp (or vice versa) repeatedly - Up to 20min jail time

- No escaping the prison from non legit ways - #1 - 30min jail #2 - Reset #3 - BAN

Contraband items

- Swords

- Bows

- Mining lasers

- Abyss helmets

- Amulets that shoot water and lava

~~~Server rules~~~

- No spamming - Kick - Mute - Then 3 day temp ban (If continued permban)

- No cheating - Ban

- Profanities must be limited no 'f***' or 'c***' - Mute - Tempban (3-Day) - Ban

- DDoS threats - BAN then report.




See you there!

If you have been banned on this server but have never been on it, I have seen your account grief/hack before in person.

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