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Java/Flash question


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Two questions for people better than me.

1: How possible do you think it would be to integrate a flash player api into a mod so a "TV screen" group of blocks could connect to youtube, snag the SWF stream, and render to texture the video for display on the blocks (audio too of course)?

2: If the above is rated as "possible" or better, any suggestions on a flash in java API to work with? I've searched but my google-fu is weak when it comes to programming matters, 90% of the results are for android.

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That just returns a SWF file parser project, a couple shareware coverters for flash->othervideoformat, and a bunch of "Update your JRE and flash player installs to protect your system!" articles.

Plus a suggestion to have java open a webbrowser in a window and how to pass through input.

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