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[1.2.9g] Trekkit - A Tekkit Survival Server. (No banned items. 70 Slots.)


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Current server Tekkit version: 1.2.9g



I have been working for the past few weeks to set up my Tekkit server and have done everything from creating a server banner to creating a custom plugin. However, this server isn't your ordinary Tekkit server. I am trying to make an original-style Minecraft server. Here is the description from my server's website, at trekkit.enjin.com

What is Trekkit?
Trekkit is a Tekkit server for Minecraft.
The sole purpose of the server is to bring back the
"good ol' days" of Minecraft with Tekkit.

This server deliberately uses no economy, no towny, no skyblock, no faction and no minigame plugins!

The reason for such a decision is because I wanted to recreate the feeling of playing with
your friends over the internet with a Skype call going on in the background, but public.
There is PvP... -If you want to kill your friends
or have turf wars, that's perfectly fine! PvP is okay in
my books, just as long as you aren't doing it excessively or to
try to get a reaction out of people, because that will just tempt the ban hammer.
If someone tells you to stop, then it's a good idea to actually listen.
We want to create a harmonious environment between members.
This is a server for relaxing. It's not RP based at all,
but please build villages and townships and castles.
We want the old Minecraft back.

Interested in joining?
Server IP: trekkit.nitrous.it

(Please note that this is a brand new server, so there aren't many players on at the moment, but I am actually renting the server so the server shouldn't be down very much at all!)


Make sure you read the rules:
Please visit our enjin page for more information on TeamSpeak and Mumble servers. (Look at the bottom of the left panel for the tab "Voice Comms."


Please note that this post was originally here, if you want to check it out. (minecraftforums)

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