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[1.1.1] CyborgianCraft [PVP] [20 Slots] [OPEN] [TOWNY] - Keep Building

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Welcome To CyborgianCraft, We try to give you the best moment here while having a great time! if you would like to play there are things here that will help you see if the server is right for you! 

Up time: Almost ALWAYS 24/7

There isn't a community just yet, but we do expect friendly and mature people.

Plugins: Towny, Vault, PermissonsEX, GreifPrevention, Essentials, Lockette, And more to come!

No Greifing
No Raiding
No Cursing (Unless allowed too)
No Teleport Killing (TP Killing)
No Spawn killing

Banned Items:
NONE! (For Now)

For more like applying staff and stuff go to


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