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TerrorCraft[PvE][50 slots][Open][Horror][RPG][Quests][Bosses][Loot][Story]

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Welcome to the official TerrorCraft thread!



TerrorCraft is one of the longest running, widely played, and customized servers there is. The server has been around for nearly 3 years so far, and has seen over 12,000 players log in and try it out so far. The setting is a world filled with horrors and darkness, which you wake up in with no memory. By completing quests, gaining power, fighting bosses, and exploring huge cities and dungeons, you can slowly piece together the story of the strange world, and change yourself from being a victim to a hero.


  • 100% original soundtrack, with a different background track for every town, dungeon floor, and boss fight
  • Completely custom world, designed to play like an RPG. There are over 100 game areas to explore on your journey
  • Over 100 quests to complete, with bonuses for completing all of the content in each zone as you go along
  • A story-rich world. There are over 1000 NPCs to talk to, each with their own special dialogue, shops, and quests
  • Tons of epic weapons and armor. You will rarely go unrewarded for the battles you fight!
  • Extremely dynamic environment. This is a horror RPG after all! Lighting and sound effects are used to create an immersive environment
  • Highly customized plugins and mod configurations, to ensure a completely unique experience with minimal load on the server and your client
  • Custom textures. The primary texture pack is not original, but many textures and skins have been developed for new content unique to the server
  • Survival mode areas! You can still collect blocks, break stuff, and build stuff outside of story areas! You can even protect what you create, lock chests and doors, etc.
  • No whitelist!
  • Updates! New content from balancing fixes, bug fixes, quality of life updates, and whole expansions are always being developed and released!
  • Earn custom titles as you complete game content to show off your achievements!
  • 24/7 uptime! Server has auto restarts, and has been around long enough for all the bugs to be worked out.
  • Seasonal events
  • Much, much more!

How to play:

Just add our pack, found HERE

Once you have installed the pack, just click on the multiplayer option and connect! The server is already included in the server list when you install the pack.


Basically, just be nice to each other! The server is extremely self sufficient, as there is no way to grief other players, and PVP is turned off. The only rule you can break is to be offensive etc. in chat, which will get you a warning and potentially a permanent mute. Players caught exploiting bugs without reporting them will be permanently banned (don;t even try, it is very easy for me to see when someone manages to do this).












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