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misssing something (i'm a total idiot)


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I'm fairly certain I'm missing something, so I'm asking this here and not as a bug report :)

Apologies in advance if I've missed something.

I've got tekkit 2.1.1 running under Java 7 64-bit, in Centos 6. The only modifications I've made to the stock installation are to tweak server.properties, change the worldedit wand to 286, and drop in properTime (which I've determined is not causing this trouble)

The server itself is up and running, but the users can't play - even with fresh client installs. I'm not sure what might be wrong? They can connect, they just get booted.

From what I can see in the server log, all is OK server-side, but the user is told he doesn't have the mods enabled (and he is insisting they do, with matching versions). He's running on a Mac, and launching with technic-launcher-latest.jar pulled down today.

Am I doing something silly, here?

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It may seem obvious, but in the top left of the client launcher is a pulldown list. Make sure "Tekkit" is selected, not "Technic SSP". If you pick the wrong one, you'll be booted for having the wrong mods.

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