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I cant add more that 1GB ram to my Server even though i have 8gb :(

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Just look into your taskmanager how much ram you really have for free use. Having 8GB doesn't mean you can allocate several gigabyte.

The value after "free" is what you can allocate to java.

This is incorrect, the cached memory is also available to be reallocated. Windows tries to use as much memory as possible which is why you can never have too much memory.

Nightmare_1990:Can you open the command line and type "java -version" and post the output please.

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And you are certain that it is using a 64 bit version of Java? Bearing in mind that its possible to have many versions of java installed? If when you type java -version it says 64bit then it should be ok.

This is exactly the problem you would expect if a 32 bit JVM was being used.

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Turns out that i did indeed have both 32 bit and 64 installed. i uninstalled both and reinstalled just 64 bit, then changed my Exception Path to the 64 bit java and it lets me allocate more RAM now, however my game is still crashing, but ive read that advanced machines cause 3.1.3 servers to crash, will try and destroy my advanced machine, and post an update of progress.

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