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automatic solar panel factory

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I want to make an automatic solar panel factory but I dont know if this is possible to do (with the space I have to make it in)

a Solar panel takes:

3 coal dust

3 Glass blocks

2 Electronic circuits - 6 copper wire, 1 refined iron, 2 red stone

1 Generator: - 1 furnace, 1 battery, 1 machine

1 furnace: 6 cobblestone

1 Machine: 6 refined iron

1 battery: 4 tin, 2 red stone, 1 copper wire

6 copper wire: 3 copper 6 rubber

so this to me tells me I will need:

a macerator

a furnace (to make refined iron that I cant create using a condenser)

5 condensers (1 for each: copper, rubber, red stone, tin and iron)

I would also need:

8 Auto crafting tables (1 for each: copper wire, battery, machine, furnace, generator, electronic circuits and solar panel)

Am i calculating this correctly? as in... this will take a LOT of work.

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Also if you use pneumatic redstone pipes you don't need all the different timers, just one connected to a pipe and jacketed wires to connected the pipes to carry the timer signal.

My smallest standard solar panel factory was 5x8x5 with the final 5 being height and 2 of those blocks being underground.

My current factory is bigger than that, but uses maglev pipes and accelerators and has a single pipe backbone with all objects color coded to go to the right place. Without the maglev pipe setup I'm sure I could get it smaller still with a shared backbone system.

Also, if you're going for speed, you'll want 2 extracters and 2 furnaces. you'll also want two tables making copper wire.

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