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Technic Pack 6 Install??


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Im not really sure where I should be posting this, sorry ahead of time. However I have been fighting with technic pack 6 manual install all day and cant figure out how to get it to work. The .exe only opens and closes and from what i have read it's funny about working on windows XP32bit. So what i would love from anyone that would be as so kind to assist is can you provide me a link or some sort of information about how to install this thing.

I know roaming, .minecraft, bin, open minecraft.jar with winrar. But what i cant figure out is what im doing wrong whie copying the files from the technic manual install to the .jar file. Yes I did delete and reinstall my entire minecraft folder as well. Also, I have browsed and searched these forums and just cant seem to find any info on installing it anywhere. Maybe im just overlooking but any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Sorry about the posting on the wrong forum lol, Technic Forums banner at the top I just assumed. Anyway, reason im not using the technic launcher is because it opens and closes instantly when i click to execute. From what have read the launcher tends to have issues with 32bit Windows and sometimes opens and closes as well as a few other bugs they are currently working out.

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