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Crafting Dead Aftermath is AWFUL NOW


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The new update has not only ruined my experience with the modpack, but has also ruined the pack for anyone that wants to live longer than 10 seconds. Zombies are now faster than you even while sprinting, in addition to that they are now actual bloody tanks. forget mele weapons and guns, because you have to bend over and take it in the ass every time you get near a zombie. but even more "amazing and smart just truly smart" content has been added. there is now a Ghost Zombie I don't even know what to say with this one othere than just WHY?! I think the only cool thing they added this update was 3 new guns... yes 3 does'nt really make up for the rest does it? they also added some clothes but nobody cares they could have just left it the same and no one would have cared. anyways if you read this far thank you for reading.

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