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[3.1.2]Technic Network[Towny][Anti-Grief][Anti-Cheat][No Banned Items][HIRING][No Griefing]


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A community full of promotional that you need to explore for yourself!


The server is hosted in the United Kingdom, The staff team is always looking to hire new members to take care of important tasks such as:
- Building new Areas for the server.

The current situation with Hiring is:
- Looking for Server Moderators

-Looking for good builders to reconstruct a few areas!

If you think you have what it takes to become a staff member on Technic-Network come on over to the website, Play in-game for a while and apply for a position. The best advise i can give you is to get yourself well-known within the community to stand a better chance at becoming a staff member. 
We are also looking to expand our servers and have multiple Mod-pack severs, So feel free to make suggestions on the website!

Due to the recent reset there was a few issues and we currently are reconstructing the Mall, Shops and many more locations! Please bare with us as we do not have a full team of builders working on these projects!

Our Server automaticlly restarts every 3 hours to help combat any lag issues that you might encounter while you are playing this server. 


Community Main Page: http://www.technicnetwork.co.uk/

Tekkit Classic Main page: http://www.technicnetwork.co.uk/tekkitClassic/

Technic Network Discord: http://www,discord.gg/G6hJtXm

Tekkit Classic Server: tc.technicnetwork.com

Tekkit Legends: TBA

Feed The Beast: TBA


Tekkit Classic Server

I will only list some of the plugins as we have a lot of custom server plugins to help maintain the server.

- World Guard

-World Edit

- Essentials


- Group Manager

And Many Many more.


Community Owner: The_Tekkit_Ninga

Co-Owner: Joe_Laddg90

Staff Manager: Sandyclaws

Server Head Admin - Website Admin: Deano990

Server Admin: Ipoduser1234

Server Head Moderator: Vacant


We currently do not have any banned items in this community.All known Dupes/Glitches have been patched enabling us to have full use of all the modpack. 







A players base:

A player crafting some useful items:

There is still loads of wilderness to explore:




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