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IDED shows you how to use the different mods in attack of the b team like advanced genetics, tinkers construct and more


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Hey my fellow minecraftians, I'm IDED of IDEDOnline and the youtube channel of the same name.
I make tutorials based on specific mods rather than mod packs so they are shorter and easier watching and can be picked up based on the mod you want to use rather than sitting through 30 mins of lets play to learn just a couple things.
I'm still new to the video recording side of things but I have a high quality setup to try and give you the highest quality tutorials for your time.
All tutorials have a time index in the details section below the video to help you skip to the exact item your interested in.


What unique about my videos? 

Well I'm a mature gamer at 29 years of age so as you can imagine I have a deeper voice and I come from a entertainment background so public speaking isn't new to me and thus means that my videos are clear and easy to understand, but doesn't mean I don't make mess ups.

I do try to keep it interesting and informative with a dash of crazy (I'm trying to hold it back).


Series posted are in time order so you can see how my style and quality have progressed so far but admittedly I'm only a month in and I'm getting a lot of views so I must be doing something right, what do you think? any and all responses welcome as I need to learn what I can do to improve.
Tinkers Construct
Watch the whole series

Archimedes ships
If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to comment and I'll try my best to back to everyone.

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We have had over 1000 views on our first minecraft tutorial in only 2 weeks and to celebrate I'm giving away 3 great Indie titles via my youtube channel

Watch the video below to find out more...


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Just added a getting started for the Witchery Mod so we have now covered 3 and on to the 4th


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Well I'm doing another giveaway this time 15 Games, yes I know I'm mental but hey its you guys that make me a success and also Curse partnered me so I'm feeling especially generous.

Check out this video to take part...


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