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Tekkit Luminator not working. [Noob here]


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I'm a noob at wiring and stuff in tekkit...

I used this tutorial here to create a water mill: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LwmhlfYqgE

Now I'm having a problem powering the luminators, I've got an array set up with fibreglass wire and when I connect it to the power they all explode. I've tried using a LV converter (i think that's what it was called) but it didn't do anything at all, any help?

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I figured it out, me being such a noob, used a High-Voltage array and sent that directly to a LV transformer. But now I realized I need to go HV-Transformer -> MV-Transofrmer -> LV-Transformer

Actually, it's just MV Transformer -> LV Transformer. MV Transformers convert from HV to MV. HV Transformers are only there to convert EV (Extreme Voltage) to HV.

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