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Issues with people connecting with my server.


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Recently I made a Tekkit server for multiplayer, and it seems as though I'm the only one that can connect to the server, as in, I can log into it just fine and mess around in the world. However, no-one else can. Now I've even step-by-step went though with the other people on what to do, (such as selecting tekkit, using the development build, connecting via Hamachi, so on and so forth,)

But yet no one can still connect.

we are all using the development builds, with correct versions and via Hamachi. Two of them even came over so i could do it for them, and even then it still wouldn't connect to my server. ( it says it couldn't connect because of not finding the server.)

Can anyone help me out, maybe they have had this problem before? I've already searched questions and some of the other forms and didn't find anything like this asked.

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