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EB Organized Crime The Way It Should Have Been, PVP, Raid, Grief, Scamming Allowed, Open World Building, No Rent, City Map, Cell Drugs

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Evil Brains Presents


Server IP included teenie.onthewifi.com:25587

EB Organized Crime The Way It Should Be. Swearing Allowed. Open World 18k X 18k plus the city. No Rent, No Stupid hassles.

PVP, Raid, Grief, Scamming Allowed. We have a entire city to conquer. Get your gang and take over the most profitable parts of the city.

Claim your streets by defending sell points. PVP sell points make it difficult to sell drugs for profit. Multi warps set up around crack houses to conquer or defend.

KeepInventory in all worlds. I could use some help with a modpack / server showcase. I will be working on the server daily to fix any issues.

Crash proof server and the world is being generated as we speak. No lagg, bossy admins

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