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[Anarchy] SilverForgeAnarchy [Anarchy][80slots][Unique Raiding]

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Quick feature list

  • Custom modpack
  • Unuiqe base protection
  • real raids
  • Missiles and bombs
  • Tornado's and a harsher world
  • Never wipes
  • No rules
  • Golden age of minecraft mods
  • New server

Custom modpack

The mods in this pack where hand selected to provide a large selection of mods to play around with ensuring there is always something to do.

Unuiqe base protection

We proved the mod "ModularForceField system" to allow your base to be unraidable by block picking. In order to raid a base that uses this plugin you first need some explosives to break in. You need to keep launching missiles until you get what you came for or until the interdiction module has been found.

Weather and a harsher world

The server uses the mod "Weather and stormfronts 2" along with a few other mods to make the world harder. Don't go out at night.

Never wipes

This server could up for 4 years and even be updated but yet still not have a wipe. Entire new worlds could be generated using a new terrain generation mod but the world will still not wipe. If you want to play on a modpack that for sure keeps your progress this is the one.

Styled around 2b2t
We plan to last as long as 2b2t or even longer with little to no intervening with players and how they play.

New server

Build a community and invite your friends to have fun with. The server world is completely new and allows you to wreck havok if you so wish.


Server ip

Modpack link https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/silverforge-anarchist.1001529


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