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I have a strange bug on my server.


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So when any electronic device receives too much power it should blow up once yes? Well on my sever it constantly blows up until the power source runs out of the batbox or whatever.

This is annoying because I've had to destroy 2 mfsu's to stop the constant explosion of a compressor.

How can I fix this?

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Use a transformer to prevent the machines getting too much power.

To me I read his post as he's getting a bug where the compressor will constantly sit there and blow up making the animation and sound over and over and over again. I've heard about that happening before on these forums, but have no clue how/if it was resolved.

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And I thought the Ghost Cables bug only involved cables...

Using a transformer would still help though. Prevention is the best cure, and how is it meant to carry on exploding if it never explodes in the first place?

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