Item ID 256 mismatch between world and game

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Hi all,

I'm playing on a Hexxit server run by an MMO I used to play. Recently, after a server crash and reset, everyone trying to connect gets this error:


I find this strange because Item ID 256 corresponds to the iron shovel, which comes from Vanilla. I've done some googling and most other errors I've seen have been with items that mods have added, and are thus easy to find in the .cfg files. I'm not sure where to find this one. I've checked the logs, and the relevant line seems to be this:

[SEVERE] [fml.ItemTracker] Mismatched items : {256=(Item 256, Type chococraft.common.items.ChocoboItem, owned by chococraft, ordinal 1, name null, claimedModId null, Item 256, Type net.minecraft.item.ItemSpade, owned by Minecraft, ordinal 0, name null, claimedModId null)}

So now the issue seems to be with Chococraft? I can't really parse this line so I'm not sure what I need to do from here. I've tried completely reinstalling TechnicLauncher and Hexxit and it hasn't worked. I assume it's an issue with the server files, I'm just not sure what needs to be done to fix it.

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