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Hello! My name is logantp and yesterday, I published my first modpack, IronWar.

IronWar is awesome with custom loading screens and weekly updates. There is an official server to IronWar which is on the main menu.

Server Rules:

1). No hacking or using xray texture packs

2). No spamming chat 

3). No launching nukes at server-protected places (we have core-protect and you will have a ban)

4). Betraying is allowed, don't bitch if you are betrayed

5). Duping is NOT ALLOWED and will result in a perm-ban and a removal of the items

6). Cussing is allowed but not excessively

7). Do not make racist or sexist remarks

8). Do not abuse any glitches, report them for a in-game money reward

Please join today. Here are the links:

Our Modpack:https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/ironwar.1021684

Our Discord:https://discord.gg/T5dNG78


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