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[TekkitParadox] [24/7] [World Anchors Banned] /Mod Application\


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Hi! I am JKissa, the hoster of the TekkitParadox.

I am finding staff help around the world and that is the main reason i wrote this topic.

I need staff members to help build the server, It is not ready and many things is still unfinished, so I hope we will

find new Staff Members in this topic!

Please, send your Staff Aplication to [email protected]


Mod Application:

In Game Name:



Tell us about yourself:

See you (hopefully) in TekkitParadox!

I will give the IP as a reply to you when you have sent the application. Good Luck!

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Locked for one or more reasons listed below.

- Not advertising a server.

- Server is offline.

- Is not formatted correctly.

- Does not provide the required information.

- Low quality/Zero effort.


See below for more information:


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